Working for Halloween Costumes


My visit to the diner across the street made my day! Do you want to know why? Mr. Homes said yes to my offer and said to me that he would love to personally check the Halloween Costumes, the Pink ranger costume found in the store and see what he can do to my pay, for me to probably purchase the Halloween Costumes, just in time for the biggest party in school.

And yes, we also settled on the number of hours I should work on, and what should I be working at. As I have said, I have practically grown up in this diner and I knew almost everything about it. From the people who go their often and the stuff they order during the different times of the day; and that includes my Dad!

I am sure my dad would feel a little guilty about seeing me working my butts out for the Halloween Costumes I asked of him. But anyway, I do not blame my Dad about it, even I for once thought that it would be too much for just one Halloween costumes that I could probably wear once or twice that year.

And so, all this for just one Halloween costumes, the pink ranger costumes, all because I wanted to be the perfect match for my crush for the party, of course! My Daddy does not actually know the story behind my I would love to wear that very Halloween costume, during the party. And I would love him not to know about it. I am my Daddy’s only girl, and the only child and I am very close to him, I doubt if he would approve knowing about my crush and the love of my life!

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