Sexy Dwarf  Christmas costumes


I can still recall that I dressed up like a sexy dwarf on the other year’s Christmas costumes party in the community. It was a combination of green and red, truly holiday colors.

I can still recall too that I received a lot of compliments with that choice of Christmas costumes, even though my Mom was against it at first. I was about 16 years old back then when I was seeing how my body was way too beautiful compared to others, and I just wanted to flaunt it!

I was a teenager calling out the attention of the boys in the neighborhood, I guess. But never the less, it was a set of Christmas costumes that received a lot of positive feedback from both the young and old; and I would love to receive the same compliments to the party this year.

If a sexy Dwarf Christmas Costumes was their favorite back then, how would I still be able to catch the same attention for this year’s upcoming party?

As for me, being one of the envy of every girl in the community; and even in school, I also need to live up to the people’s expectations and as for this year, having the best Christmas costumes is my goal.

I will be brainstorming about different ideas before anything else; and I would like to make sure that I will still be the apple of the eye of everybody and will still be crowned as the queen of the Christmas Eve.


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