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Me and Phil, my co-worker had met Daisy, his fashion designer friend, after work. I have talked to Phil about my plans to Nigerian children and how Christmas costumes will change their life even for Christmas time alone.

We asked for the opinion of his friend on how Christmas costumes fit the hot climate. According to Daisy, Christmas costumes in cold countries have thicker linings and the material itself is designed to trap heat so one way to make the plan possible is to have other materials chipped off.

It’s kind of odd to imagine Christmas costumes not in their ordinary look. Anyway Daisy has this great idea wherein thick materials will be replaced by breathable materials. There is still the Christmas costumes look but less the feeling; heat.

I contacted my siblings and friends about the idea and they have different reactions about it. Some were violent too. My younger sister, Eve insisted on giving money only instead of Christmas costumes. Marcus, my drink buddy suggested to raise funds and entrust it to humanitarian groups. But I strongly disagree.

Although children needs financial assistance, the joy and happiness Christmas costumes brings is what I think matters most. It’s not the worth that counts but the effort and struggles we will get through. My voice stood up to them all or maybe they were just nodding and mocking me of being bossy. They promised to solicit help even to tailoring shops for discounts and good quality textile spares. It’s a go and everybody has pledges sympathy.




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