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I would really love to continue bragging about my Christmas Costumes ideas for you; but then something really interesting came up during out first community gathering in preparation of the Community Christmas party.

This one involved me and some of the teenagers in the community too. I really loved the idea of us meeting in a coffee shop to talk over things and plan out for the much anticipated Christmas event.

However, instead of zipping coffee and other cold drinks and even sharing coffee shop desserts, alone; we had a time of our life sharing ideas on how we will be able to make this year’s Christmas costumes parties, worthwhile.

In the  end of it all; it did not just has to revolve about how we loved the coffee from the other café compared to the one we are having at that time, but what came out was something useful; and something that we could be really proud of.

This year, it will not just be all fun and merry making; however, it doesn’t mean that it will be less than fun. This year, we plan on making it a fun, and more memorable one by brainstorming on the different set of ideas that we have on how to help Nigerian children, via Christmas Costumes.

And so, different ideas were shared among the members of the committee and this idea is one of the best that we got!

Read more about Christmas costumes and our holiday sharing plans in the upcoming posts!

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