Hard work for Halloween Costumes


Mr. Homes and I finally settled on my working hours, and my hourly rate the next day ahead. I dropped off his place just before going to school and we already talked about it. He even got the chance to drop by the stores and check out the pink ranger costumes and found that there is definitely one store that offers the very same Halloween Costumes for a more affordable rate. And so, we managed to settle for the hourly rate that suits the price of the Halloween costumes.

I knew that I might lack some time but Mr. Homes was kind enough to offer me another option, just to make sure I get to wear that Halloween costumes on the party. He told me, “ I could pay you in advance for the remaining dollars you will be receiving as your salary; but I would love you to still continue working for me and in this diner; even after you had reached your goal. This is to make sure that you could still wear that Halloween Costumes you like; and make it on time. Anyway, it will only take another 4 days for you to catch up on the price and that is a fair deal, I assume.”

And just out of nowhere, we shook our hands together, as I said to him, “ Fair deal indeed, Mr. Homes”

It was so kind of Mr. Homes to offer such a deal and I really appreciate it. I look forward to more hours spent in the diner, just to get this Halloween Costumes.

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