Halloween and Moving on

So I had the time of my life wearing the perfect Halloween Costumes I have dreamed of. It was a combination of pink and a little of black, of course with a hint of silver. Can you guess what Halloween Costumes I am talking about?

Since I have worked my butts out, trying to achieve the costume that I wanted, I do deserve this wonderful treat. For a 17-year old like me back then, you can be the crowds favorite when you wear not just the most popular Halloween Costumes, but also the most expensive ones.

Everybody knew back then that those Pink Ranger Costumes cannot be made at the comforts of your home, or either can they may be tailored at your dressmaker next door. Everybody knew that it cost me a lot to eventually stand out in the party.

And so, without a doubt, I was awarded the Apple of the Eye that evening, together with my red Ranger and none other but my High school crush of course.

It was a night to remember for a teenager like me, and it will be the night I will forever cherished. What made it even more unforgettable was not just the crown and sash I still keep up to now, but also the first dance I shared with my crush that evening.

That teenager in Pink Ranger Halloween Costumes, and for that campus crush in Red Ranger Halloween Costumes was the envy of everybody and that all made it a Halloween Costumes party worth remembering.


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