Fun Christmas Costumes


So I was doing a bit of thinking about what Christmas Costumes should I be wearing to the community Christmas party.

Every year, the Home owner’s Association of our Community, hosts a bountiful Christmas celebration, where everyone around the neighborhood puts on their Christmas Costumes and smiles and sings holiday songs.

Everyone would put on their best costumes with smiling faces, bring their gifts and gather around the neighborhoods swimming pool to come and enjoy. This serves as an avenue for the neighborhood to get to know each other well, at least for the new comers in our community; and also it is the time where everyone would bring their favorite Christmas menu to share to all.

Yes, you got it right! Every year is a pot luck party with everyone bragging about trying their menu, saying that it is more delicious than any menu ever been brought to that event. Nonetheless, I enjoy the company of my neighbors. It is one of the best ways where we could catch on each other despite our busy schedules and since we seldom bumped into each other anyway.

This is the time where everyone puts on their best Christmas Costumes, where the most number of Santa Claus Costumes would gather around and toss their glasses and drink beer! This is the time where Mrs. Santa Claus does not really care where her husband is because she is also enjoying herself with the crowd. And most especially, this is the time where the reindeers go along with the dwarves!

I am talking about all the Christmas Costumes that gather  during this fun and exciting celebration, ofcourse!

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