Deciding on Christmas Costumes


I was in a sexy silk Mrs. Santa Claus costumes last year at the community Christmas Party and would want to try something new for this year. And since I still have more than a month to prepare for my Christmas costumes, I am considering a lot of options.

The neighborhood is considering on having a meeting over the weekend to brain storm and gather ideas to what one may suggest for the uniqueness and the success of the party; though the pot luck never ends, its tradition!

So, I invited my Mom and Dad to go to the said meeting, the president together with his secretary were all over the community, inviting everyone to attend to the meeting while giving out small invitations so that everyone should remember.

The excitement of this year’s Christmas Costumes party has gotten into me so well that I would love to be on that party more than anything else this Holiday Season. The people have yet to decide when and where the party would be and what Christmas Costumes will be considered for the party.

And since teenagers like me get a bit too bored being with the adults most of the time, I made sure that my Mom and Dad would have to go to the said meeting, so that they could tell me all about it! I would love to know everything myself but it wouldn’t work out since I have so many things to do back in school during that day!

I would love to decide on my Christmas costumes, soon!

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