Couple hat for Oktoberfest costumes


How will people from around the festivity know that you are a couple?

When you have matching outfits of course! I think it is true that it is the women who would request her guy to dress up in a color that matches her. And it is always the woman who is also fond of that idea. Especially when it comes to casual wear for a walk in the mall and in the park; and even when it comes to such formal gatherings too.

But there comes a time when guys think that having matching Oktoberfest costumes can be too much too. That is why women could go away with that idea.

Even more, the idea of having a matching set of Oktoberfest costumes can be so overrated too that there are some guys who simply think that the idea is too much.

And if one of them is your guy, I mean when he thinks that having matching Oktoberfest costumes is too much, then you could still consider having matching hats!

What about that?

Fedora hats are both great for men and women that it could suit just about any outfit especially your Oktoberfest costumes.

When your guy thinks that it is never a good idea to have matching costumes, matching hats could be the perfect solution to be proud that you are together as a couple.

Highlight your Oktoberfest costumes with matching hats and you could surely be the crowd’s favorite couple.

However, you could still maintain your feminine look; and be proud of your guy’s masculinity when you add on essential decoration to your hat! Flowers would be a great idea for you while you could add on a small beer mug toy in your guy’s!

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