Christmas Costumes for Kids


Last week, my family has this usual get together over our favorite game in ESPN, football. On the midst of our session there is this ad about homeless children in Nigeria. One of my sisters is so emotional to see them suffering the hardships and all.

So after the game, we decided to collect everything that are not used but not abused goods such as old bags, shoes, clothes among others. I have hit upon this childhood Christmas costumes me and my siblings were wearing during the occasion. Something came to my mind; we will send them children Christmas costumes.

Anyway, Christmas time is fast approaching and there’s no better way to share than the spirit of the holidays. Some would rather give food or money. But in our own little way, we may be able to share joy and happiness.

I message my siblings about my plan and they have one question; cold costumes wore on hot climate? My answer is modifications and they eventually agree. Some will ask for support from their group of friends and drop them over weekend.

Some would rather buy for new ones. I’m so excited so is my sister. Christmas costumes for Nigerian children? Why not? We may be considering Christmas costumes to be just an ordinary piece, others consider it a treasure.

Maybe this Christmas will be one of the unforgettable Christmases these children will experience. The experience they only see in television come into reality and they are the one wearing it. We will cut the maybes in their minds and make their Christmas rock.



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