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Olivaceous Corset with Floral Embroidery
Olivaceous Corset with Floral Embroidery
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Be a Centurion for your 2013 Halloween costumes! :: Party Costume Ideas

May 4, 2013

Be a Centurion for your 2013 Halloween costumes!

A professional officer of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC is a centurion. In the Roman infantry, centurions initially commanded a centuria or “centur;” and this reforms and could contain 200 to 1000 men! Most centurions commanded 60 to 80 men despite the commonly assumed 100, but senior centurions commanded cohorts, or took senior staff roles in their legion. Centurions were also found in the Roman navy.

Centurions, if you long to see one then you can have it and be one this 2013 Halloween Costumes! Right now, you can find Centurions in’s ultimate 2013 Halloween costumes collection!

Today, Halloween Costumes Australia with the top notch online costumes retailer, is proud and loud to present to you one of the hottest and highly anticipated 2013 Halloween Costumes Collection! Presenting, the Centurion Adult Costume. This 2013 Halloween Costumes is a 5-piece costume set, designed to give you a comfortable and stunning 2013 Halloween Costumes outfit!

This Adult Costume includes classic Roman tunic. It also comes with durable and first class body armor with attached cape and shoulder guard. Of course, you will complete the look of a Centurion with an armored helmet, wrist guards and shin guards. However, the Toy Sword and pair Shoes you see in the picture are not included in this 2013 Halloween Costumes Set!

The 2012 Halloween Costumes, Centurion Adult Costume Premium Collection Imported from America with premium materials and quality too!  The Centurion Adult Costume is the Perfect Costume Idea for Costume Parties, Dress-up Parties, Hens Night Parties, Easter and Halloween

Head out now and Buy fancy dress costumes at, you will receive high quality products and ultimate shopping experience. guarantees you Express Post Service Guaranteed Next day delivery to major cities within Australia.

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