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Hens Night’s Party :: Party Costume Ideas

March 11, 2010

Hens Night’s Party

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Hens nights used to be a visit to a club with hunky stripper, or a pub crawl in fancy dress in which the Hens party blatantly ignored any of the men in the pubs and clubs. The evening then ended with a male stripogram dressed in an army theme fancy dress outfit as an officer attatching handcuffs to the bride and showing her his truncheon or with the girls jumping up onto the tables and singing along to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, proof a group of women on a hen night are out for more fun than the men!

But nowadays a whole industry is devoted to giving a bride-to-be a spectacular hen night and final singles night out before her quiet married life! Hens nights have now become Hens weekends with visits to exotic locations abroad, and a wide variety of activities on offer. A glance on the internet or in a brochure gives people numerous ideas for a fun weekend break. So what sort of weekend activities do Hen parties choose these days? A  popular choice for women who want a break from their hectic lifestyles is to spend a weekend at a health and beauty spa where they can indulge in two days of being pampered with face massages and manicures, or a theatre break in Sydney with a stay at a top hotel. Now more than ever Hen parties do take the adventurous route of traveling abroad. Unlike their Stag counterparts, who seem to choose cities based purely on night life, many Hen parties like to go to the capitals of Europe such as Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and Madrid because of the outstanding shopping and high quality hotels. The advent of low cost airlines has boosted the party industry, and a quick search of the internet will bring up lots of companies who will arrange foreign weekend breaks for Hen night weekend ideas.




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